Monday, November 26, 2012

Meet Tara!

We hope everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  It was a busy week around here at the Quilt Barn and hope you didn't miss our Black Friday sale!  If you did we still have some store samples for sale, so don't miss out! Tara and I took a little break in blogging but we are now up and running once again!

Tara is Canadian born and raised, is the mother of three adorable girls, and the author of the blog Tiny Glutton!  She started quilting about six years ago and used it a s a type of therapy.  Which I'm sure we can all relate to!  Tara was first introduced to sewing in 8th Grade Home Economics.  However, it became a bigger part of her life when she needed to sew Halloween costumes for her girls. Tara said she taught herself to sew by just starting with smaller projects like pillows to help hone her skills!

Inspiration for quilting comes in the form of magazines, blogs, and Pinterest for Tara.  Also, when a whole line of fabric comes into the store Tara gets really excited (just like the rest of us!)  Tara is drawn to very modern and bright fabrics.  Some of her favorite lines include: Sweet, Swell, Katie Jump Rope, and Hope Valley.  It should come to a shock that some of her favorite designers are ones like Denyse Schmidt, Bonnie and Camille, and Lori Holt.

 Tara's favorite quilt she ever made was a free pattern by Anna Maria Horner, her fabrics were also used in this quilt.  Tara also loves to work with the color orange so this quilt is right up Tara's alley!

One quilting tip that Tara gave was when quilting your own quilts, generally don't try quilting anything bigger than a full size quilt, everything else is just too big.  She also suggested using a combination of 505 Basting Spray (which we sell at the Quilt Barn) and safety pins.

Tara is the one that is behind a lot of the blogging and online things you see.  She's an important part of the Quilt Barn team and so fun to have around!


  1. What a fun post!! :0)
    It is nice learning more about you.
    Have a fabulous week. Trish

  2. That's my girl, I think she is pretty special