Thursday, November 8, 2012

Forest Friend Fox Box!

Tara and I have been talking a lot about foxes lately and we just keep finding them everywhere.  I showed Tara this pattern and just thought it was the cutest thing ever!

Tara showed up to work today with one made up in her hand.  I was asking her about and wondered what she was going to use it for.  She said she had actually made it for me!!  Isn't that the nicest thing ever!  Tara just made my day!

Tara first held the eyes in place with fusible webbing and then did a blanket stitch all the way around.  She hand stitched little eyes and a nose on with black embroidery floss.  She then used this sewing bucket tutorial to construct the body.  Then was clever and made little ears!

Even the lining has little foxes on it!  So fun!  Thanks so much Tara for the fun surprise!