Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Staff Pick Batting Tape

I bought a roll of batting during our Founder's Day sale and I finally was able to cut in to it. However, I got the 60" wide roll (it was such a good deal!) and my quilt was wider than that. I really don't like to sew my batting together. I find that no matter what I get drag and this creates ripples and it sometimes shows through the quilt.

 That day we got in a big box of these little miracles, fusible batting tape. Oh my heck, it worked like a charm. I butted up the straight edges of my two pieces of batting and ran an iron over the tape. It adhered immediately and I was good to go. This took seconds and I didn't have to wrangle a queen size batting under my sewing machine.

Since using this tape I have heard others using it with success. Why hadn't I heard of this before? So, I give Easy Knit Tape a big thumbs up. I am never sewing batting again.

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