Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Simple Home Project- Tote bag

Do you ever start a project but then get side tracked by another? Even if you really should stick with the first one? No, its just me?
Here is my side track project, the third project from Simple Home. I went with The Tote Bag.
The fabric wasnt hard to pick. I had my eye on this home dec fabric, Momo, for a while (it may be destined for cushions later too).
And a doily. Big surprise. But it looks kinda cute by the owl right?

The pattern was super easy and fast. When my girls see it they will all want one and that will be doable with this pattern. I did modify it a bit and quilt the outside pieces with some quilting batting first, to give it a bit of stability.
I'll leave it here at The Quilt Barn for a bit so you can see what I did. Check out the lining fabric too, super cute.

And why not get even more distracted with another project. I needed a card holder so I made up a pattern. KZ and 2 other ladies and I are going to Salt Lake City this weekend for The Sewing Summit and I needed something to carry my cards.
I will make this up into a tutorial for you when I get back. It would be good for loyalty cards too.
When the case is closed its a little boring. What can I do to jazz it up a bit?

One more bag photo just because.

KZ (our wonderful illustrator. She did the drawing of us girls up there) and I are super excited about going to Salt Lake City this weekend to attend The Sewing Summit, a modern sewing, blogging, social media event and classes.
I am going to be blogging, face booking (The Quilt Barn) and tweeting (@quitbarnidaho) all weekend so make sure you like and follower us.
I am going to be a huge nerd and get my picture taken with quilting and sewing royalty. Too much?

I figured out where I was going wrong with my Courthouse Steps tutorial. I used a different machine the second day so all my blocks were off. That miniscule 1/4 inch difference added up. Now to unpick all the squares and use my first machine. Ya'll forgive me right?

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  1. Your bag and card holder are adorable! :)

  2. Love the tote. I have project ADD as well - I am working on about 10 projects. I keep getting side tract.