Monday, October 3, 2011

Simple Home Projects- Placemats

Today I was supposed to show you Part 2 of The Courthouse Steps Tutorial.
Sewing, writing, and photographing that tutorial is kicking my seat.
While I work on that I will show you the placemats I made from the Simple Home Book. Remember the potholders I made? This is the second project. I am hoping to make most of the projects from this book.

Tada, the scalloped edge placemats. I like the fabric in the book better. I was going for fallish fabrics for mine. One down, 5 to go.

Last year I made these placemats (reversible). They are like a mini quilt that I sandwiched, quilted and bound. They have held up really well.

Which project should I do next? I am liking the quicker ones. The tote bag? The apron? Choices, choices.
And the rest of the Couthouse Steps tutorial? I will have that finished up for you this week.

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