Friday, September 30, 2011

Couthouse Steps Tutorial

Happy Friday!
Today is the last project of our Fall Bedroom Tutorials.

The bed runner is made using using  12 Couthouse Steps blocks. It is kind of like a log cabin block.

fabric. For the Queen size bed runner I cut 2-2 inch strips from 13 different fabrics
center block fabric: 1 strip cut into 12- 2" blocks
usual sewing items

For this turorial I am using different fabrics than shown in the bed runner. My center square is the solid green (on the orange bed runner it is grey).

For each block you will be using a center 2" square and 4 different fabrics.
For the first block pick 2 different fabrics and cut 1-2" square from each.
Sew these to opposite sides of  your center square.
Iron open away from the center.

Chose two new fabric strips and sew to each opposite side. I dont cut my strips from here on. After I have sewn on the strips I trim them. This saves having to cut a bunch of pieces.

 Iron open. You have finished your first round (picture above show 2 rounds). You will be sewing on 3 rounds of strips.
Continue sewing on strips in the order of the first round.
If you have directional fabric be sure to sew them on in the same direction.

This is what the finished block looks like after the three strip rounds are sewn on.

For the next block you will need to match the sides from the adjoining block.
Sew the block in the same way and using 3 different fabrics plus the one matching the side. The above 3 side by side blocks share the green and pumpkin fabrics.

For the first row make 6 blocks. Be sure to space out your fabrics.

Let me know if you have any questions


  1. I love bed runners and you picked my favorite fabric "GHASTLIES" (Wendy)

  2. Just wondering if you ever did the 2nd part of this tutorial please? I've had a quick look for it, but have had no luck lol

    Naomi from Australia

    1. Naomi, that second part seems to have disappeared. Thats never happened, that I know of. I'll see if I can find it.

    2. Insert Back To The Future theme track....Thanks for responding to my message Tara....sorry it took me so long to come back and check up on Did you have any luck locating part two of the tutorial please?

      Naomi from Australia

    3. Naomi, I think the second part is lost to the internet. I pulled out the finished bed runner if you have any questions I can try and answer them. I also found a great tutorial by Red Pepper quilts that looks amazing.