Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fabric Pumpkin Tutorial

Hi, welcome to the first tutorial from our Fall Bedroom Window. If you didnt see The Quilt Barn's Fall window take a peek here. All week we will be showing you how you can make these projects.

First up are he fabric covered pumpkins. I was inspired by the latest issue of Country Living. They used paper but I thought why not fabric.

 What you will need:
funkins (fake pumpkins)
Modge Podge
sponge applicator
scissors (not your good ones)
fat quarters
drop cloth
disposable container (for the modge podge. I used a large yogurt tub)

1. ge t your pumpkin ready. Take off any stickers or tags. Lay out the drop cloth and pour some modge podge in the tub. Cut your fabric into strips. I made mine about 2 inches wide.

2.Using the foam brush coat an area of the pumpkin top to bottom  slightly wider than the fabric stip.
   Use your fingers smooth the first strip over the modge podge getting it into the pumpkin grooves.

 3. Go over the strip with more modge podge smoothing down the edges. Continue by repeating step 2 and 3, slightly overlapping the strips. Trim the tops of the strips if needed at an angle as you curve around the stem

4. The modge podge will dry clear but be sure not to leave any large drips.

5. Dry overnight.  You can embellish it further by painting the stem or tying something around the top, like raffia or a ruffle.

I love Modge Podge and have so many ideas using it with fabric.

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  1. Very cool and soooooo easy ! My kind of craft !