Thursday, September 29, 2011

String Block Pillow

Its Day 3 of The Fall Bedroom Projects Week. Today I am showing you how to make the string block pillow.

Do you save your selvedges? Last fall I got it into my head to cut off all the Halloween and fall selvedges from my stash fabrics. That left me with a big bag of strings. A whole quilt sounded daunting so I settled on a pillow. I love quick projects.

strings (selvedges from fabric. I leave 1" to 2" of printed fabric showing when I cut them)
4 phone book pages cut to 8.5 inch blocks
backing fabric 18.5" square
border fabric 2- 2" strips
18 inch pillow form
usual sewing items

1. start by laying a long string down the middle of the paper. Tuck another string under the white edge of the first one.

2. sew down the first string close to the edge.

3. continue sewing on strings down the right hand side

4. when one side is done start on the left hand side of the block lapping the strings as you sew them on.

5. when the block is full flip it over and use the paper as your guide and trim the block.

6. rip the paper off the block. Make 4 blocks

7. join two blocks together as shown. make 2 sets

 7. sew the two sets together as shown.

8. add the border strips to all four sides using a 1/4 inch seam

9. with right sides together and using a 1/4 inch seam sew around the string block front and backing leaving a wide opening on one side. Trim the corners to reduce the bulk

10. turn the pillow right side out poking out corners. Insert pillow and whip stitch the opening closed.

11. Enjoy the pillow! I may start trimming all my Christmas stash now too.

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  1. So cool! I just love these selvage projects, but haven't yet gotten in the habit of saving them. One of these days...

  2. Coolness and I am digging the quilt on the bed too!!!!!

  3. That is a fabulous pillow! :o)
    I have only made a string quilt with printer paper. I would much rather do it your way. :o)
    I am having a little give a way.
    Would you like to drop by?
    Sincerely, Trish

  4. Very clever! I love the look of it!