Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Hankie Quilt Tutorial

 I found a stack of Moda handkerchiefs and thought they needed to be made into something. I made a  vintage hankie quilt years ago and  this little stack needed to be made into a sweet baby quilt.

If you have a few new or vintage hankies and want to make a quilt here is what you will need:

Fabric Needs

4 Hankies
Sashing- 1/3 yard
Corner Stones- 1/8 yard
Inner Border- 1/4 yard
Outer Border- 5/8 yard
Backing and Batting- 1.25 yards
Binding- 1/3 yard

Cutting Instructions

 -trimmed to 11.5"X11.5

-12  strips 11.5"X11.5" 

Corner Stones
-9 squares 2.5"X2.5"

Inner Border
-4 strips 1.5"  width of fabric

Outer Border
-4 strips 5.5"  width of fabric

-4 strips 2.5" width of fabric

Piecing Instructions

-lay out the four hankies,  the sashing strips and corner stones as seen in the photos.
-working in horizontal rows sew the sashing and hankies together to make 2 rows.
-do the same for the 3 sashing and corner stone horizontal rows.
-attach the 3 sashing/corner stone rows to the 2 hankie rows. Again, use the photo as a guide
-sew an inner border strip to the sides of the pieced middle. Add the top and bottom inner border next
-repeat the above step for the outer border
-sandwich and quilt as desired.
-I used a cd to trace and cut rounded corners
-attach the binding using your favorite binding technique

If you have any questions or see any errors feel free to ask in the comments.

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