Thursday, June 7, 2012

July Window

It was about time we changed out our windows. The last window (Vintage Kitchen) was a big hit but it was time to come up with something new.
Since our windows stay up a few months we thought a July 4th theme was in order.

With no clear idea in mind I pulled fun red, white, and blue items from my and Quilt Barn's stash.
Jenele had lanterns left over from her daughter's wedding, I found a small picnic table in the Quilt Barn's basement and off we went with a BBQ/Picnic theme.

BBQ's need condiments.

A cute vintage bike with a large basket and a red and white quilt spilling out.
Its hard to take pictures inthis window so you are just going to have to stop by and take a peek. Let us know what you think.
Our other window with the iron bed is next. Amy and I are making a making a few fun things for the bed so stay tuned for that transformation.

My name is Tara and I love to decorate our windows. A huge perk of the job!

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