Monday, June 18, 2012

Utah Shop Hop-Ghastlies

As some of you know Heather, Amy and I went on the Utah Shop Hop this weekend. I had been looking forward to this weekend since February. I saved my pennies and had a budget.
I documented our trip on twitter so you can go back and see what we got up to.

I think we visited about 20 stores in 2 days and drove from one end of Utah to the other. Not all the shops we visited were on this hop but, of course, we had to stop by since we were there.

One of my favorite lines is Ghastlies by Alexander Henry. He is coming out with a few new prints this year. I was pleased to see this cute little frame with the hammer girl.

I really like these frames and I will be keeping my eye out for some for the store.

I charged up my camera battery before I left but got 2 photos taken before it said dead battery. All the pictures I was able to take after that were on my iphone. Thank goodness for my phone. How did I live without it?

I was crediting the store with my twitter pics but I didn't with these ones. Shoot. I am going to be sharing our adventures and favorite finds throughout the week so stay tuned.

Also, I will be announcing a chance to win a $100 gift card to Quilt Barn. It can be used in our store, our etsy store or our webstore.
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  1. I love that frame and it is perfect with the ghastlies!