Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Polka Dot Tree Skirt Tutorial

 This tree skirt came from my ponderings about that box of 200 wool pennies.  I ended making a pillow with the pennies but I really wanted to make a tree skirt with this red Half Moon Modern big dots. Hmmm, what else could I put in those circles to jazz it up? Yoyos of course! 

What you need:
42"  of top
42" of backing (or to fit with the skirt top)
batting piece to fit
small Clover yoyo maker and scraps to make the yoyos 
bias binding, I used a premade Moda green with tiny white dot binding, approx 5 yards
ribbon for ties

What you do:

-make your yoys according to the Clover directions, or by your own method. I made about 15 but you can make more and fill in every circle.

-cut your top fabric into a circle. This pin on my Pinterest board gives a good diagram of how to cut a circle (the pin does not go back to a source so if anyone knows the original source let me know and I will credit it)
-trace an old cd in the middle of your circle for the tree base and draw another line down when your slit will be. You can cut it out later. 
-baste your top, batting and backing. I used bent safety pins in the red space. You could also use 505 Basting Spray.
-attach your yoys and buttons going through all three layers. This will be your "quilting". Be aware of your circle and slit markings and don't put yoys or buttons there.

-trim you batting and batting using the circle top as the guide. Cut the slit and middle circle along your markings
- attach your bias binding
-mark 3 places along your slit and sew on the ribbon lengths to the underside of your skirt in the binding ditch for your ties so you can tie your skirt closed. The length you cut will depend on the type and width of ribbon you buy

In the first picture I put the skirt on top of my repurposed circle table cloth.
This is my last wool project. I still have a box of those pennies so I am off to Pinterest to find more projects. Do you have any ideas?

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