Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wool Pennies and Half Moon Pillow Tutorial

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Now on to a quick pillow project. I have been eyeing these boxes of pre-cut wool pennies for a few weeks wondering what to do with them. They are so bright and fun. Enter Moda's Half Moon Modern fabric in Aqua. Light bulb moment! The white circles on the fabric are a huge 2 and a smidge inches so my 1.5 inch wool penny fit perfectly. Place a smaller 1" penny on top and perfection.

You will need:
pillow insert, size of your choice
a front and back piece of fabric one inch bigger around than the size of your pillow
1.5 and 1" pennies, enough to cover the circles of your fabric
spray baste
batting scrap the size of the front of your pillow

 Here is how I made it:

-Cut your top, backing fabric, and batting scrap one inch bigger around than your pillow (you will have a 1/2 seam allowance)
-spray baste the batting to your top fabric
-start in the middle of the fabric, pick a circle and place a 1.5" and top with a 1" penny. Stick a quick, short back and forth to secure the pennies.
-my machine has a cut thread button so I cut my thread in between pennies but you could cut your threads after the pennies have been attached
-continue across the pillow attaching pennies in every circle. I left the edge half circles empty.
-place the back piece on top of the front piece right sides together and sew with a half in seam allowance. Leave an opening big enough to insert your pillow. After inserting the pillow close the opening with a whip stitch.

Voila, one cute pillow and it hardly any time. I have a bunch of the pennies left so I am seeing what else I can make with them. I have some fun things up my sleeve and I will share them this week.  

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