Friday, December 7, 2012

Wool Penny Pincushion Tutorial

I have another project using my favorite new  Quilt Barn item, a box of 200 wool pennies in 1" and 1.5" circles.  You can see yesterday's wool penny project here.

The box of yummy bright wool pennies.

This pincushion was inspired by the pattern Wool Pincushions 1 by Cottage Creek Quilts.

Here is what you will need:
5" square of black wool for the top
5" square for the bottom
9- 1.5" wool pennies
9- 1 wool pennies
perle cotton and a needle
filler (I use crushed walnut shells found at a pet stop and a bit of stuffing)

Here is what you do:
Pincushion Top
-lay out your pennies in a 9 by 9 square (like in the picture above) with the smaller pennies on top and move them around until you get a layout you like
-start in the left top corner and grab the first penny stack and attach to your black wool square with the perle cotton. Come up from the back through the middle of the penny and then back down. Do not tie off.
-grab your next stack of pennies and attach with your length of perle cotton
- continue on attaching your pennies in your 9 by 9 grid with a continuous length of perle cotton.

Attaching the Top and Bottom
-with right sides together of the black wool top and your bottom piece sew around the edges with a 1/4 inch sew allowance. Leave 3 inches in the middle of one side open for turning.
-turn out your pincushion and fill with your choice of filling. I fill mine 90% full with the walnut shells and then place a wad of stuffing at the hole to keep the shells from falling out while I hand stitch the opening closed.

 The cute sewing machine pincushion is made with my inspiration pattern, Wool Pincushions I, by Cottage Creek Quilts. Both of these were made with one (each black and tan) 10"X10" cut of wool. We have new stacks of wool 10 by 10 squares that I wanted to play with.

If you have stuck around long enough through this post I have a Wool Penny kit to giveaway to one of you. You get 9- 1", 9- 1.5" wool pennies, one 5" square of black wool,  one 5" square of backing/bottom fabric, and a length of perle cotton
This giveaway if a thank you to our awesome followers. Leave a comment before Sunday 12AM letting us know you are a follower and if you will be sewing this weekend.


  1. This is a fun pincushion, thank you for sharing. I collect pincushions and so would love the kit. I am a follower and am just finishing an embroidered wall hanging of a butterfly for a friend.

  2. This is fabulous! I would love to make one!
    This weekend I want to finish piecing my 'Groove' quilt!
    I'm a happy follower1

  3. I love the cute pincushions! I follow your blog because I really enjoy all your ideas. I will be working on my son's superhero quilt for Christmas. Thanks

  4. I am in class all day today-EMT refresher. But tomorrow I'll get to work on my baby boy quilt - between loads of laundry! I grab whatever time I can when I can!

  5. What a cheerful - and handy project. Today there is no chance I even get to look into my craft area (EMT refresher training all day) but tomorrow everyone leaves me alone while I do laundry. So I'll get to work on my baby boy quilt between the laundry tasks. Hey, I grab whatever time I can.

  6. I am in class all day today-EMT refresher. But tomorrow I'll get to work on my baby boy quilt - between loads of laundry! I grab whatever time I can when I can!

  7. These are very cute. I have not worked with wool very much but would really like to try this project.

  8. I Love the pincushion and all of your wool penny ideas. I cant wait to make it into the store and buy a box. This weekend I finished up 6 ornements for our annual ornement exchange. I am also working a couple of wool aplique projects to send to my aunt and mom in Wisconsin.
    Your blog inspires me every day.
    Cheryl K.