Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wool Penny Headband Tutorial

I have another wool penny tutorial for you today. If you are just joining us I have a box of 200 1 and 1.5" wool pennies that I am seeing how many things I can make.  You can see past projects here and here.

Today I am sharing my Penny Headband.

You need:
2  squares of wool (this is the base for the pennies) about 4X4
4 1.5" and 4 1" wool pennies
4 buttons
perle cotton
hot glue

-lay out your stacked pennies and buttons on your table to get a pleasing layout.
-sew your first penny stack and the button on your square base with the perle cotton (I use perle cotton for it's strength). Continue with the other 3 stacks
-trim the wool backing around the wool pennies leaving just a smidge showing from the front.
-cut your second piece of wool the same shape as your just trimmed topper
-hot glue the bottom piece to the underside of the headband off to the side of you headband (trace a bead along the underside of the headband)
-drizzle hot glue over the base of the top of this base and attach your topper

I wanted to share another headband I made. I made this one out of an old green measuring tape using a tutorial from our friend Emily at The Freckled Fox. I have a stash of colored measuring tapes and I will be making more of these. Love em.

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